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"We opened the teashop in 2006 in the house that once belonged to my father-in-law and where my husband grew up. It wasn't a very difficult decision to make: we lived in Paris at the time and we found the pace of life too fast, so we made a drastic change! Gerberoy is about quality of life, peace, serenity, a life at one with the seasons and nature. The sense of community is also wonderful. We're one of the most beautiful villages in France and so many people come to visit and knock on our door. Our aim for opening the teashop was to let others see Gerberoy 'behind the scenes'. What would be the point in running a teashop just to serve a drink and let people leave without taking the time to get to know them? We wanted to open our home up to walkers, so they can pop in and try local produce and relax for a few minutes, as well as sharing those things we love most: our village and its history, our garden, the flavours of Picardy, the décor. The house itself was built in the 17th century. We’ve preserved its original spirit in the restaurant. Our guests sleep on the family furniture. A bed in one of the guestrooms is over 200 years old! We’ve done a lot of research on the history of Gerberoy. In 2006, we recreated the Foire de la Saint Michel, a very important fair in the Middle Ages. This fair features all the local know-how: the craft workers, the shopkeepers, the producers of stained-glass windows, cobs, carpentry. You have the chance to sample regional products in the streets of Gerberoy while watching a horse show, which the children adore!"

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