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“My work as an artist started from my interest in painting, which I owe to my native Baie de Somme, my favourite, and perhaps only, subject. The main scenes that I paint at the moment are the streets and quays of Saint-Valery. But I still like to paint the three ports around the bay, observed from the centre of the estuary where my husband and I go yachting. It’s important for me to spend time out on the water, I always come back with renewed energy. I also discover new shades of colour. Sometimes, from the quayside, I depict the trawlers that drop anchor at Le Hourdel, Le Crotoy or Saint-Valery. To enjoy the landscape in all its glory, I walk along the dyke or near to the Chapelle des Marins, the view can sometimes take in the whole of the bay - it's superb! At high tide or low tide, the bay is an unending source of inspiration. It has this wonderful ability to be different every hour of every day, in summer and winter. My workshop, anchored just close to the bay, is open to visitors every day: it's called La Niche. Every visit brings something new: I welcome criticism or inspiration for new subjects. For me, it's all about creating a friendly environment conducive to exchange. My door is open all year round! I’ve written three small publications about the Baie de Somme, to share my emotions with readers. I convey the bay through watercolour and words. In Balade sur la Côte Picarde, I write about seaside and holiday resorts emerged along the coast. La Baie de Somme au Fil des Marées brings the atmosphere of the bay to life. The third one is a tribute to the little train around the bay: La Baie de Somme à Toute Vapeur takes you along the old tracks to discover the unique villages in the area.”

Painter on the Baie de Somme

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