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"The Asinerie du Marquenterre is very close to the bird-watching gardens in Le Marquenterre. We look after 20 donkeys, of seven different breeds, from the biggest (1.45 m to the withers) to the smallest (adults measure 90 cm). It's a great haven for children, who can come and stroke these animals, a particular favourite of Jean de la Fontaine. Donkeys love contact with little ones and come towards them instinctively. I organise half-day countryside treks with donkeys wearing packsaddles guided by the children, who walk alongside. It's an excellent way to make contact with the animal and, for some children, it can be a way of beating their fears. Visitors can also show their children the range of different animals on the farm: chickens and cocks, rabbits, geese, goats, ducks - it's a nice, direct way to have contact with nature!"

Christophe LEBRUN (QUEND)
Owner of the Asinerie

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