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"When I lead a dawn walk, my visitors and I set out to a hide, which I built with some Scouts in 1991. There are many things to see during the walk. To get to the hide we take paths made of sand. They tell us so much because of all of the footprints left behind. We also cross the stalks' sanctuary, le Marquenterre, which currently has 14 stalk nests! Once we have reached the observation post, we talk very quietly so as not to disturb the animals and we observe those animals that pass by, without them being able to see us, of course. Nevertheless, we are only 60 to 70 metres from their areas of passage. There are of course wild boors, spoonbills, herons, egrets, and female wild boors with their piglets, and also deer and foxes. It's uncomplicated, we never get bored and the walks are never the same! Nature dictates the programme."


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