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“In this part of the Oise valley, we have wet grassland which is home to a very distinctive fauna and flora, including some endangered species. Naturalists were worried about this, and suggested an environmental and land protection project to the farmers. I immediately joined the programme. One of the iconic species to be protected is the corn crake, a migratory bird which comes to our meadows to nest. So we changed the time when we mow the meadows, to give the young time to grow up in the shelter of the grass. We changed the method as well, making sure that the broods are away during the actual mowing. We have imposed our own ban on the use of weed killer and make limited use of fertiliser, to preserve the diversity of the natural flora. I want to conserve the wild aspect of my countryside, and preserve the rare species that I delight in coming across when I'm working in the fields. Within our capabilities, we are working for land management, we are participating in shaping the region's image; of a green, protected Picardy, that can choose methods integrated with its goals. Every year we organise an open day, to raise residents’ awareness of the preservation work that we are carrying out and of the beauty of the places where they live or visit. We can be proud of what we are doing here.”


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