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“I introduce my native Picardy on horseback. For anything in the world I would leave this land, where we can still discover wild expanses and see fauna and flora each time we take a stroll with horses. I introduce my region to the whole France! I show to my visitors that Picardy is not only made of large cultures, but also of men and women who nicely represent it, through their culture and history. I take my visitors on horseback, in total independency, with mule (packsaddled) and dog, in all paths across the fields, from North to South and from East to West. They discover the large beaches of the Somme Bay, the marsh of Dien, the Crécy forest, Saint-Riquier, a small town with charm, and the valleys that will bring us back to Naours, a village famous for its underground city. The tour lasts from one to five days, according to the chosen trek. Other horse treks guide my visitors towards Chantilly, Compiègne, Pierrefonds or towards the magnificent woods of Picardy. Others take us towards the Aisne department, or why not towards the cliffs of Mers les Bains! There are many surprises on the road, we encounter a lot of game, but also an exceptional flora. The Picardians we have the occasion to meet are always authentically generous and don’t hesitate to introduce us to their heritage. Well, we try to show to our visitors that our Picardy is fantastic, that it is a delicious mixing of colours and cheerfulness!”

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