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"Private individuals and also butchers, grocers and restaurateurs buy this delicious heart-shaped cheese from us. Why is it heart-shaped? It's not my fault. As the story goes, a prince made a heart-shaped cheese to please his bride. A Rollot instead of a bunch of flowers? Why not? I have not taken a holiday in the two years I have been making this cheese. I have to be here all of the time. My day starts at 7.00 when the milking is done. I add all of the fermenting agents necessary to the milk and then wait. Everything is done according to instinct: touch, sight, feeling, no timers or watches. Nothing. Only the products and me. Once the cheese has taken hold, you have to act very quickly: slicing, stirring, another pause before the final hooping stage, which must also be very quick. All of these requirements make me love my work even more. Making Rollot is a bit like when I make cakes. I find them nicer and nicer!"

Rollot maker

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