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"Ches Wèpes is a festival of popular Picard theatre and culture, based on shows, stories and songs, performed exclusively at village halls or barns in the countryside, and sometimes unusual venues such as Protestant temples or the caves in Naours. We're not a folklore group. We want to showcase what Picardy produces here and now. There's rock and theatre. Our culture is open to everybody. We also feature another language in every performance, whether it be Japanese, Peruvian, Armenian, whatever, the important thing is being open. Ches Wèpes is also a showcase for Picard for people who live in the region but don't speak the language."

Olivier ENGELAERE – Head of the Picard Language and Culture Department at Picardy's Regional Cultural Office

"Flying in a hot-air balloon and seeing Picardy from above is possible in all seasons, it only depends on the weather conditions... On the condition, nevertheless, that you get up early, because you need to be at the launch sites at 6 o'clock in the morning! When flying, it is necessary first of all to know how to settle down, take our time, let the calm take over us.

Our balloonists take part in or are present for the preparation of the material, it is also a way for them to prepare themselves...The standard flight lasts at least an hour, that's guaranteed!".

Towns, villages, houses, châteaux and forests, valleys and fact you can fly over whatever landscapes you choose because the there are no less than twenty launch sites that Philippe has marked out in the three Picard departments, from Château-Thierry to Abbeville, from Vervins to Saint-Germer-de-Fly...

Flying over the great monuments, châteaux and cathedrals is of course very popular, but the Valley and Bay of the Somme are also very much in demand. And I also propose unusual discoveries, picturesque and bucolic that I have sometimes discovered myself...during one or another of my 2000 flights over the region!"


"Before becoming a guesthouse, Le 33 was a hotel, and probably an inn before the Revolution. We're in the process of creating a rose garden and kitchen garden in the form of squares in the medieval style. Décor is one of my passions and, apart from the shell, we've carried out all the building work ourselves. I love those little touches of detail. For instance, at Easter, we left chocolate bunnies for our guests in their room. I've also done a lot of embroidery, when I was in Denmark, and you can see examples of my work all over the house. I also like to put furniture in more unusual places, like this haberdasher's unit, which is in the dining room. The house is at the heart of the countryside, near Les Larris. A footpath passes just behind the house, where you can find an extremely rare orchid growing along the edge, much to the delight of botanists in June!"

Florence MICHON – Owner of guesthouse “Le 33” in AUTEUIL

“I first discovered Esprit Picardie at the town hall where I worked. It's fascinating, pleasant to read and colourful, packed with lovely characters. I'm going to act as an ambassador for my region and show it to my friends and family. Picardy is such a beautiful region!”

Brigitte VALTIER – Internet surfer

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Esprit de PicardieEsprit de Picardie Esprit de Picardie

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