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"Share with the visitor our passion for the region, express things with words that talk to people, succeed in easily conveying the reality of what were are living… That all that matters to me". Marie-Pierre Aubert - Welcome to the Farm in the Aisne.

They are gardener, restaurant-owner, sand yacht instructor, guide or baker. They are from Picardy... or not. With touching words, they open their secret garden : listen to the testimonials of these passionates and, you too, talk to us about the Picardy that you love !

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"Our trump card is the space. You have the fabulous impression of always being able to carry on further without ever stopping. On the yacht, you are at one with the elements and you need to learn how to make the most of it. Whatever the weather conditions, land yachting is always appealing because it allows us to be in direct contact with nature. That's the case when we go deep into the Somme Bay in the summer. When it is hot and the wind blows off the land, you can imagine that you're in the desert. I also like the atmosphere on stormy days when a purple shaded sky is hanging over the dunes. It's magnificent! You could have spent years walking on the beach as a pedestrian, nothing will be the same on a land yacht. You will read the beach differently, learn how to decipher the nature of the ground, be attentive to colours. For example, you will hear the cracking of the wheels when you pass over the shells. That's where the real pleasure of the senses lies..."

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