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"Share with the visitor our passion for the region, express things with words that talk to people, succeed in easily conveying the reality of what were are living… That all that matters to me". Marie-Pierre Aubert - Welcome to the Farm in the Aisne.

They are gardener, restaurant-owner, sand yacht instructor, guide or baker. They are from Picardy... or not. With touching words, they open their secret garden : listen to the testimonials of these passionates and, you too, talk to us about the Picardy that you love !

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"Aromatic plants are my passion; many have been forgotten about but I grow lots of these plants here in the Samara Archaeological Park. I use a lot of aromatic plants when I cook and not only as a seasoning but also as the basic ingredient of certain dishes. We can use, for example, sage, angelica leaves and borage leaves to decorate and add flavour to a salad. Borage leaves taste exactly the same as cucumber. We can also add a few dill seeds to sauerkraut. It's a secret used by a lot of chefs to make sauerkraut more digestible! A last piece of advice, why not exchange plants with neighbours and enthusiasts rather than buying plants? It is far more friendly and, furthermore, you get plants which are far more resistant as they are used to the region's soil. Aromatic plants have incredible qualities which are still insufficiently known, in my opinion. For example, did you know that 15 grams of persil per day provides the daily recommended dose of vitamin C? "


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