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"Share with the visitor our passion for the region, express things with words that talk to people, succeed in easily conveying the reality of what were are living… That all that matters to me". Marie-Pierre Aubert - Welcome to the Farm in the Aisne.

They are gardener, restaurant-owner, sand yacht instructor, guide or baker. They are from Picardy... or not. With touching words, they open their secret garden : listen to the testimonials of these passionates and, you too, talk to us about the Picardy that you love !

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"In his book Verlaine Avant-Centre, published in 2002, Jean-Louis Crimon takes a look over all the ingredients that made his childhood in Somme so magical, to immortalise these memories forever: the football matches, the heart of the story, Rem biscuits, France-Football, Reims Stadium, vache bleue cheese, as well as the playing fields in his village of Contay in Somme. Just after the book came out, Jean-Louis Crimon visited the multimedia library in Noyelles-Godault, in Pas de Calais. The man who recounted his childhood with such sweetness and passion is now a celebrated journalist and author. With a literature enthusiast friend of mine, we went to Contay and visited his childhood home, the church, the cemeteries. That day, there was even a game of ballon au poing (fist ball), a game we'd never heard of in Pas de Calais!"

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