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Jean-Michel Lecat - Guide Nature

Activity (Activities) : Nature walk


Jean-Michel makes sculptures of animals and is also an approved nature guide in the Bay of Somme. He adores ornithology and organises a variety of di...

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Activity (Activities) : Library - Media library


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Amiens_Amiens Métropole park and zoo

Parc zoologique d'Amiens Métropole

Activity (Activities) :


The protection of biodiversity is a key mission for zoos in the 21st century. The Amiens zoo is now involved in conservation projects. A member of the...

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Visite audio-guidée : "Le mystère de l'abbaye de Vauclair"

Activity (Activities) :


Kings of France, knights, cardinals – all the powerful of this world came to Laon, for better or for worse. Stories of forbidden love, power games, da...

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Golf de Saint-quentin à Mesnil-st-Laurent

Activity (Activities) : Golfing


Close to Saint-Quentin and the A26 motorway exit, discover the Mesnil-Saint-Laurent Golf Course. Here, the atmosphere is warm, relaxed and without the...

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Activity (Activities) : Tennis


Tennis for fun and tournaments. Private and group lessons. Court rental by the hour.

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Activity (Activities) : Nature walk


The Bay of Somme made to measure: Can’t find the service you’re looking for? Are you looking for a guide for a special outing or event? Isabaie will ...

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St-Valery-sur-Somme_Rando Nature_a boat

Bateau Somme II

Activity (Activities) : Boat ride


Outings with a guide any time of year, around the Baie de Somme natural reserve, across the estuary, and up close and personal with the seals, returni...

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Par les rues de Villers-Cotterêts... sur les traces d'Alexandre Dumas

Activity (Activities) : On foot


This itinerary invites to follow step by step the lives of Dumas and Racine, both originating from southern Aisne. In Villers-Cotterets, where stands ...

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Les Grandes Flâneries Soissonnaises

Activity (Activities) : On foot


It's a discovering trail of the city (2 hours) thanks to information boards on the pavements. Follow the lys flower! Stone bollards give information a...

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