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Aero-club de Péronne

Activity (Activities) : Flying school, Flightseeing tour


Aircraft (school, flights for beginner)

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C.P.I.E. Vallée de Somme - Antenne baie de Somme

Activity (Activities) : Nature walk


Outings to explore the Picardy coastline: -A guided tour across the Baie de Somme: the history, its wealth, how to protect it and human activity there...

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Golf du Château de Monchy

Activity (Activities) : Golfing


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Golf Abbeville

Activity (Activities) : Golfing


The Abbeville golf course is situated in Grand-Laviers, on the road to Picardy Coast, near the Somme Bay. Its major qualities: Abbeville, capital city...

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Poney club de la Bohéme

Activity (Activities) : Horse riding, Outings on horseback


The Pony Club de la Bohême offers beginner or advanced training and obstacle jumping lessons in a friendly atmosphere.

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Azur ULM

Activity (Activities) : Microlight, Aeronautism, Flying school


AZUR ULM, your Microlight training and recreational centre. We are happy to welcome you and share our passion for flying. Our greatest reward is your ...

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Polo club du Domaine de Chantilly

Activity (Activities) : Polo


Apremont Farm - Chantilly Polo Club is the 1st French polo club. 8 polo grass fields and 2 winter sand fields. Discovery, initiation, training, all le...

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PECHER EN RIVIERE : l'Authie à Doullens


- River – Cat.-1 A 3,300 sqm property Full-day rates: With stamp = €23 Without stamp = €23 Fishing in Doullens on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and...

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Parc Saint Paul

Activity (Activities) : Theme park


In a green setting, the Saint Paul park is the ideal place to relax in family. 33 activities to be shared with friends. New in 2006: the Dino Splash: ...

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Parc des Bruyères

Activity (Activities) : Fishing, Hiking


In the heart of a 90 hectare wooded park, 2 bodies of water will allow you to indulge in the joys of fishing (fishing regulated by order of the prefec...

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Comité Régional du Tourisme de Picardie, 3 rue Vincent Auriol, 80011 AMIENS Cedex 1
Téléphone : (00 33 3) 22 22 33 66 - Télécopie : (00 33 3) 22 22 33 67 -
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