3 big European capitals within a 300km radius

Picardy is ideally situated in the north of France and at the heart of Europe.
Close to all of Europe’s major cities (London, Brussels, Frankfurt, etc.) as well as Lille and Paris, Picardy is very easily accessible by road, rail and air.


Choose a place of departure and a destination.

  Amiens Péronne Abbeville Saint-Quentin Vervins Laon Soissons Château-Thierry Beauvais Compiègne Senlis
Lille 1h27 1h02 1h54 1h12 1h47 1h39 1h59 2h26 1h57 1h38 1h44
Paris 1h34 1h58 1h29 1h44 2h20 1h49 1h20 1h03 1h07 1h 41 min.
Reims 1h40 1h19 2h07 1h 1h02 45 min. 48 min. 37 min. 2h10 1h23 1h44
Rouen 1h15 1h44 1h06 1h57 2h39 2h22 2h36 2h32 1h18 2h05 1h58
Anvers 2h41 2h15 3h08 2h20 2h25 2h47 3h07 3h34 3h10 2h48 2h57
Brussels 2h14 1h49 2h41 1h50 1h55 2h17 2h37 3h04 2h44 2h23 2h31
London 2h59 3h03 2h31 3h12 3h56 3h40 4h 4h27 3h29 3h37 3h45
Cologne 3h55 3h29 4h21 3h30 3h44 3h58 4h17 4h36 4h24 4h03 4h11
Bonn 4h04 3h39 4h31 3h40 3h54 4h07 4h27 4h46 4h34 4h13 4h21
Amsterdam 4h13 3h48 4h28 3h48 3h53 4h16 4h36 5h03 4h43 4h22 4h30

Roadworks and disruptions in Picardy


Speed cameras in Picardy

For everyone’s safety, please adhere to the speed limits and take a break every two hours during your journey.

List of speed cameras in Picardy:


Map of speed cameras in Picardy:


Please feel free to view the other sections in the road safety site: www.securite-routiere.gouv.fr.

Comité Régional du Tourisme de Picardie, 3 rue Vincent Auriol, 80011 AMIENS Cedex 1
Téléphone : (00 33 3) 22 22 33 66 - Télécopie : (00 33 3) 22 22 33 67 - contact@picardietourisme.com
Site internet : www.picardietourisme.com

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